Musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, composer and singer, Dom is "carioca da gema". Flowing in his veins Brazilian music exerting in a contemporary manner, incorporating different influences with the subtlety to preserve the essence of traditional genres. His original compositions and his unmistakable smile are a delight to where he goes, captivating international audiences.

After a few years as an accompanying musician, DOM has become fond of singing and expresses the plurality of his influences through his compositions: "Popstar" music, which is a samba-rock recounting his trajectory, "Balança Maria" Tribute to his daughter, "Parece que foi ontem" which addresses the nostalgia of the past, "Essa Mistura" which describes the formidable diversity of the Brazilian people.

Living in France nowadays, he keeps on developing his solo career and his musical projects in partnership with European artists.

With the french artist Danaé Dugardyn, they realize the project "This Mixture" in which they present a mix of arts (circus, dance, music) between French and Brazilian cultures.


In partnership with the German Duo Creole Clarinets, he formed the "Gumbo Carioca", a surprising encounter between musicians from several countries presenting a repertoire that mixes the Jazz of New Orleans with Brazilian music.

Choro, Samba-Rock, Ijexá, Bossa Nova, Samba, Soul ... Wide range of rhythms showing  DOM’s musicality and frame of mind.