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Musician, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, composer and singer, Dom is "carioca da gema". Flowing in his veins Brazilian music exerting in a contemporary manner, incorporating different influences with the subtlety to preserve the essence of traditional genres. His original compositions and his unmistakable smile are a delight to where he goes, captivating international audiences.

DOM launched into the Brazilian music scene with the song and videoclip “POPSTAR” a Samba-Rock humorously tracing his musical trajectory in Rio de Janeiro. Composer and lyricist full of world influences (Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Funk, Soul, R&B) he has already written a hundred songs with different partners and for various musical projects.

Currently living in Europe, he joined the catalog of artists of the Brasil Sunshine Association by developing his artistic career on the South west cost of France.


Choro, Samba-Rock, Ijexá, Bossa Nova, Samba, Soul ... Wide range of rhythms showing  DOM’s musicality and frame of mind.

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